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Booking Terms & Conditions

1) Shoot Captain: is responsible for the organisation and smooth running of the day and for ensuring the requirements of the Shoot Host and of the Estate are met satisfactorily. Above all, he is responsible for safety.

2) Programme: Drawing of pegs and the day’s briefing will be done at 9am. Mid morning drinks will be served in the field and guns will return to Keeper’s Cottage or Bretby Park Farm for lunch.

3) Safety: A safety brief will always be given at the drawing of pegs. The Shoot Captain’s decision on safety matters in final and we reserve the right to stop the day or ask individual Guns to leave the Shoot if they endanger the safety of others. No refund will be given in this instance.

4) Drives: The number of drives will be dependent on the size of bag booked and the prevailing weather conditions. The Shoot Captain will endeavour to provide a series of balanced drives, with a sufficiency of birds for a competent team of eight/nine guns.

5) Birds: Each gun will receive a brace of birds at the end of the day. Should the guns exceed the anticipated bag for the day(s), a surcharge of ‘X’ plus VAT per bird will apply to each bird shot over a total of ‘X’ birds, counted by the Shoot Captain/Head Keeper at the end of each day’s shooting. An invoice will be raised for all extra and overage charges after the Shoot and this will be paid within seven days of receipt of the Invoice. In the unlikely event that the bag is not met, an appropriate refund will be made unless the ratio of shots fired to birds killed exceeds 3:1 in which event no refund shall be made. The number of shots fired shall be recorded during the shoot by the Shoot Captain on a hand held tally counter.

6) Basic Charge: The basic charge includes the provision of all necessary shoot staff on the day, such as beaters and pickers-up, together with morning coffee, mid-morning refreshments, luncheon with drinks and afternoon tea. Any non-shooting guests for luncheon above a daily party of 10 will be charged for the meal. The shoot may be able to cater for special dietary requirements providing that two weeks advance notification is received. Luncheon will be provided in the Keeper’s Cottage or Bretby Park Farm.

The basic charge does not include:

Provision of cartridges, guns or other associated equipment*
Gratuities for the Head Keeper, Keepers and Loaders.
Four Wheel Drive transport for the Guns*
All charges associated with non-shooting guests.
Licences, taxes or other costs associated with non-UK nationals.*

* Can be arranged at additional cost if required.

7) Guns: The names of the Guns and their shooting experience should be notified, as well as the number of non-shooting guests. This information must be submitted a minimum of 14 days in advance of the Shoot date.

8) Insurance: It is a condition of the Shoot that all Guns hold a valid Insurance Policy for a minimum of £5,000,000 for legal liability, accident or personal injury and damage to property both in respect of himself/herself and any Third Party.

9) Licences: It is a condition of the Shoot that all guns hold valid Gun and Game Licences. The Shoot Captain reserves the right to inspect insurance and licence documentation as appropriate. Clients should be aware that cover under any insurance policy may be negated if a game licence is not held.

10) Loaders: Any Gun with less than 2 years game shooting experience must be accompanied by a Loader. Loaders can be arranged for any Gun and requirements should be notified at least 14 days in advance (otherwise no guarantee can be given). It is the Gun’s responsibility to pay his own Loader. Experienced Shooting Instructors can also be made available by special arrangement. The Estate reserves the right to insist on loaders for any parties unknown to the Estate or for any party booking in excess of 350 birds.

11) Dogs: Guns may bring their own dogs but the Shoot cannot accept liability for injury or accident.

12) Cancellation: Bretby Park Estate reserves the right to cancel the day(s) shooting for any reason up to seven days prior to the Shoot, notification to be sent by recorded delivery post to the address to which other correspondence has been sent. In the event of such cancellation, the whole fees already paid, but no more, will be refunded.

In the event of adverse conditions prevalent, the Shoot Captain has the right to cancel proceedings at any time if the quality of the sport or safety is threatened. No refund will be given in these circumstances.

Shoot Cancellation Insurance can be arranged by the Estate on the Client’s behalf and at the Client’s expense. Such insurance is not a condition of booking but strongly a recommendation.